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Stray Dog Rack Systems

Weight Lifting Racks

Rack stations are designed to help athletes and weightlifters maximize their workouts with improved safety, convenience, and organization.

The Equipment Guys offer a complete selection of power racks for weight lifting that set the standard for quality, value, and versatility. Whether you're adding a rack to your home workout studio or outfitting a high school gym, college athletic facility, or strength and fitness training center, we'll help you find the products and attachments suited to your unique requirements.

Types of Power Weight Racks

The size of your exercise space, the amount of weight in use, and the frequency of workouts are all critical factors that go into choosing the right power rack for weightlifting. That's why we offer a variety of solutions from our premium Stray Dog Strength brand that are manufactured in the U.S. and designed for optimal performance and durability.

When you buy weightlifting racks online from the Equipment Guys, most of our products are customizable with a variety of attachments and accessories.

Products featured in our inventory include:

  • Half racks in single or double setups, ideal for small gyms with limited space, available in a range of configurations
  • Full systems, ranging from high-quality basic racks to state-of-the-art high-performance models, offering a variety of long-term benefits
  • Wall and floor-mounted power racks, providing a space-saving station for squatting, chin-ups, dips, abs, and more
  • Rig systems for body weight and monkey bar work, easily customized to your gym's specifications

Weight Rack Attachments

Among the most attractive reasons to buy weightlifting racks include the practical use of space as well as the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of fitness routines. From wall ball targets and wrestlers twists to straight and arched chin-up bars, our equipment attachments help you unlock the versatility of our power rack and wall rack systems.

Additional products we carry include striking machine tackling dummies, low foot braces for curl-ups, and step-up attachments that are ideal for box jumps and plyometrics.

Premium Weight Lifting Benches

Our Stray Dog Strength weightlifting benches are exceptionally sturdy and extremely functional, with included plate storage. We carry Olympic flat benches as well as incline and decline benches with a compact footprint that takes up minimal floor space. Models are made in the U.S.A. and feature 11-gauge, all-steel construction, and receive an electrostatic powder and zinc coating on all moveable parts. The bench pad is extra wide for stability and our material is marine grade premium upholstery for durablility.

We also offer a preacher curl bench with 30-degree angle positioning to allow for full motion of the upper arm.

The Reliable Way to Buy Weight Lifting Racks Online

The Equipment Guys are focused on providing all of the equipment and accessories you require to outfit your home or commercial gym. We offer an extensive selection of products as well as industry-best customer service and support.

Shop our organized website to find what you're looking for online, or contact us to request additional information. Our experienced sales representatives are standing by to offer guidance on choosing the weight racks, benches, and attachments you need for your gym.